Non-Invasive Fat Reduction And Health Services In Abilene, TX

Non-Invasive Fat Reduction And Health Services In Abilene, TX

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After Getting Her Naturopathic Doctorate, Lisa Rhodes, Completed Her Studies In Applied Clinical Nutrition From Parker University

She also did study with Dr. Michael Gaeta in the field of clinical Nutrition. She learned that most illnesses are a direct response to the toxic world we live in and the poor mineralization and toxic state of our foods as well as the bad dietary habits and consumption of processed non-foods that the average person takes in. We are an obese society that is starving to death. Lisa will assess your symptoms and do a nutritional and digestive response test as well as taste test to assess your nutritional deficiencies. After your consultation, she will create a plan for your health. She may also suggest a hair analysis to assess heavy metals and mineral ratios that are indicators of health traits. Heavy metals play a huge role in hormonal and digestive health as well as weight gain. Blood test, she can analyze them through a functional lens of health (where the body functions best) and not the large scale that is too wide and is an average of all people sick and well. Heavy metals and toxins can be addressed as well as healthy lifestyle changes to get you back to feeling better living your best life.

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